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Guitar built in 2023, with an extremely powerful sound, with powerful and penetrating bass and a large presence of partial harmonics, being perfect for both picking and strumming.


Designed to be used by music professionals, it uses superior quality woods with the sound and characteristics of a high standard instrument at a competitive price.

Despite its short lifespan, it has excellent projection, balance and ambience, but it still has a lot of potential to be developed. It produces a sound with very interesting bass reinforcement thanks to the width of the band and size of the box. Precise tuning across the entire neck.


The instrument is tuned and equipped with Martin Phosphor Bronze .012" stringing and ready to be used.

Jumbo Rifosi Graceland

Out of Stock
  • Ficha técnica:

    Comprimento de escala: 25.4"

    Largura do braço:1 ⅝" na altura da pestana

    Tampo: Abeto Adirondack sólido

    Fundo: 3-piece, Quilted Maple com faixa central de Imbuia. Tudo sólido

    Faixa: Quilted Maple sólido

    Braço: Mogno

    Escala: Jacarandá

    Cavalete: Jacarandá

    Pestana/Rastilho: Osso polido, com compensação

    Tarraxas: Gotoh

    Acabamento: Laca nitrocelulose

    Encordoamento: Martin Phosphor Bronze 012"

    Estojo: AMS de luxo

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