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how to comission an instrument in three simple steps:


The first thing to do is arrange a time to talk about which instrument you are looking for. This conversation can be done over the phone, but ideally you can visit Ricardo's studio. So, as you see with your own eyes the wood available for your project, the instrument of your dreams takes shape, a little in your imagination, a little in the form of the notes that the luthier takes as he the two of you wander around the place. Everything is covered and measured in this conversation: which wood do you prefer, what type of sound are you looking for, your musical preferences, the number of hours you practice, your goal with music, the place where you live and where the instrument will stay longer, the size of your arms and hands, etc. 


In a few days you will receive a formal proposal defining exactly the model that will be built especially for you in the smallest details, including illustrative images of the chosen visual elements, photos of the selected wood, models of the parts that will be used (such as tuning pegs and bridge pins), strings to be installed, technical specifications of the dimensions of each part of the instrument, notes on how the instrument should be adjusted, etc. The proposal also defines the total value of the project, the payment method and the estimated delivery time. Everything clearly and transparently. Any discrepancy found is promptly corrected so that the approved document is exactly what the client expects to receive. No surprises.


Monitor pregnancy

Here we are very concerned with the attention that the customer receives during the time it takes until the instrument is finally delivered.  We understand that a certain amount of anxiety is normal and expected, after all we are talking about the instrument of your dreams. To try to transform the agony of waiting into a pleasant expectation, a table with the sequence of the main construction activities is updated weekly so that the client can monitor week by week what has been done and whether the project is within the expected deadline. In addition, a photo gallery is also available on the website that shows the instrument taking shape, part by part, transforming the entire process into a unique experience. It's like watching the birth of your child. When the instrument is finally ready, the client can come and receive it at the studio, or Ricardo can personally go to the client and hand deliver it, whatever has been agreed upon by both of them. This way, the final fine-tuning of the adjustment is done there, in the presence of the customer.

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