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This instrument is my version of a traditional folk guitar from the beginning of the last century. As it is a 0 size instrument, it is extremely light and pleasant to play, with a soft, velvety and very intimate tone.  Despite not having the power and sound projection of a large instrument, it is noticeable it's good performance in studio. I would say it is a good ace up in the sleeve for music producers.
I make this model with a short scale (24.9"), neck-body junction at the 12th fret, wider neck (1¾" at nut), and "C" neck contour.


Special offer

Take advantage of our special offer and order this exclusive Rifosi guitar now. Combining high-quality methods and selected woods, this instrument will take your music to a new level. Don't miss this unique opportunity to have a personalized guitar made just for you. Place your order today!

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