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Tequila Sunrise

The Tequila Sunrise model is based on the 000 (triple O) size, which is the precursor model of the OM. Therefore, their size in general terms is very similar. However, the sound changes a lot because the bridge is positioned at another point on the soundboard, which naturally relocates all the internal structures. Its timbre is rich and with an emphasis on the main harmonics, making it well suited for use with slide. As with all the instruments I make, you will find an excellent balance between bass, mids and treble, exceptional tuning across the entire scale and a very comfortable neck.
Normally I make this model with a long scale (25.4"), wider neck (1¾" at nut), and "V" neck contour.


Special offer

Take advantage of our special offer and order this exclusive Rifosi guitar now. Combining high-quality methods and selected woods, this instrument will take your music to a new level. Don't miss this unique opportunity to have a personalized guitar made just for you. Place your order today!

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