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This model is inspired by the traditional classic OM guitar, with an extra touch of refinement. Richly adorned with mother of pearl, abalone and ivoroid, it provides an unforgettable visual experience. The instrument begs to be held and played, and then you don't want to put it down.
The OM format is extremely balanced between the mids, bass and treble, so the perfect instrument for fingerstyle. Normally I use the finest woods from my collection in this model, and I do it with a long fingerboard (25.4"), wider neck (1¾" at nut) , and "V" neck contour.


Special offer

Take advantage of our special offer and order this exclusive Rifosi guitar now. Combining high-quality methods and selected woods, this instrument will take your music to a new level. Don't miss this unique opportunity to have a personalized guitar made just for you. Place your order today!

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