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Fire and Rain

The name Fire and Rain came about as a tribute to the great folk artist James Taylor. This model is inspired by the 00 size and provides very balanced tone, particularly well suitable for vocal accompaniment.  Normally I make this model with long scale (25.4"), body-neck junction at 14th fret, wider neck (1¾" at nut), and "V" neck contour.
There are many options that can be customized, resulting in an instrument completely yours. Custom inlays, such as initial letters of the name, star-shaped scale markings, special tuner options, pickups, all of these can be arranged and included in the project.


Special offer

Take advantage of our special offer and order this exclusive Rifosi guitar now. Combining high-quality methods and selected woods, this instrument will take your music to a new level. Don't miss this unique opportunity to have a personalized guitar made just for you. Place your order today!

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