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This model is my latest creation. While it can be used to play any style of music, it was designed with the jazz guitarist in mind. The body-neck junction is at the 16th fret and the fingerboard is elevated, providing easy access to all frets. The repositioning of the soundhole and internal bracing produced an instrument with firm notes that are more focused on the main harmonic, which is very good for single-note runs as it tends to cut into the mix. Still on the ergonomic aspect, the neck can be adjusted when necessary to combine optimal string action (comfort) with an ideal attack angle at the bridge (power). It is a unique instrument, with no competitors on the market yet.
It can be ordered in the multiscale version as in the photos, or with a 25.4" long scale.


Special offer

Take advantage of our special offer and order this exclusive Rifosi guitar now. Combining high-quality methods and selected woods, this instrument will take your music to a new level. Don't miss this unique opportunity to have a personalized guitar made just for you. Place your order today!

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