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Rifosi Luthier em Aldeia da Serra/SP

My Value Proposition: A Matter of Consistency

What matters and makes a difference to who is starting out in music is different from what a professional musician really needs, and also what interests the aficionado.

With that in mind, I offer custom-built musical instruments to:


  • Music students

  • Professional musicians

  • Aficionados and collectors


All my instruments, whatever the model and price, are built with the utmost attention to detail and the three fundamental pillars that make a good quality musical instrument:


  • Sound

  • Tuning

  • Playability

Different wood combinations as well as different models will produce different sound power and timbre, but on all my instruments you will find that the notes have a proper balance between fundamental frequency and secondary harmonics, which can be noticed in the well-defined sound of the musical note, with body (core) and personality (nuances) but without the exaggerated prominence of bass and treble, and especially with uniform presence (volume) throughout the scale, ie without "weak" notes here and there. My instrument is designed to be extremely responsive and express the personality of the musician: light touch with the fingers and the sound will be sweet, delicate and defined; Heavy stroke pick and the sound will be firm, powerful and yet also defined.

I am very concerned that my instrument plays as in tune as possible, so I compensate for string length on both nut and saddle, and make sure that frets are placed where it offers the best possible tuning performance for that instrument. In fact, modern technology has enabled us to refine the traditional model used for centuries so that I use the latest in this subject. After stringing the instrument, I accurately check the frequency of all notes on the scale to be sure that the goal has been achieved.

Finally, there is no point in having a well-tuned sounding instrument if it is poorly designed from an ergonomic point of view, with an uncomfortable neck, or excessive weight, out of balance in relation to the center of gravity, or if it is not properly adjusted for best playability. Well placed leveled and “softened” frets are guaranteed on all my instruments, whatever the model and price. I only deliver an instrument after methodical testing for a week so that the quality of the strings can be assured and minute adjustments on trussrodnut and saddle can be done after the tension involved is properly stabilized.

What is the right instrument for you?


Violão modelo Avant-Garde por Rifosi Luthier
Violão modelo Graceland por Rifosi Luthier
Violão modelo Nazareth por Rifosi Luthier
Violão modelo Hawaiian por Rifosi Luthier
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